The simple and effective art of cleaning stainless steel

Stainless steel has been fashionable on and off for decades. Although the consumers' taste for colour comes and goes, the ability of stainless steel to remain neutral against any backdrop remains.
The problem for the stainless steel appliance consumer is how to keep the appearance looking as it did in the showroom.

The answer is to educate the consumer so that the perception of owning a stainless steel appliance is not how difficult it is, but how easy it is, to keep sparkling clean and shiny.

The product to achieve this is the Euro-Cloth, in conjunction with the stainless steel cutback solution for the initial clean. The problem lies with the cleaning, not with the stainless steel! Following the initial cutback, only the Euro-Cloth is needed.

Generally the consumer believes elbow grease and the use of polishes, cleaning compounds and chemicals are required. Only now are people realising that the products we apply to surfaces throughout our homes actually contribute to and compound the problem but, in most cases, don't eliminate it.

Take windows for example.... Who doesn't want sparkling, streak free windows? Apply anything to that surface however, and heat steam and dust will build up and smear because there is a layer of something on the surface to stick to.

The solution is to cut back whatever has been applied to the surface .. no build-up ... no smear so that when touched with the fingers, prints are not so readily left on the surface. (Run your finger down a cut-back clean surface then do the same on a surface which has had something applied to it and see the difference).

This is where the Euro-Cloth plays its part. The Euro-Cloth has proven to be excellent in its ability to pick up the dirt, dust and fats from a surface i.e. fingerprints, etc and hold it within the micro fibres, leaving only a thin film of water on the surface. Within minutes this film evaporates streak-free leaving a clean shiny surface.

What it picks up is not released onto the next surface. Dirt and residue will only be released from the Euro-Cloth when machine washed in a hot wash using a washing product that does not contain either bleach or fabric softener.

So there is no difference between stainless steel, windows or, for that matter, any reflective surface.

People accept that they have to regularly clean or persevere with glass and mirrors becoming dirty and smeared because every home needs those materials. However, they do have an option regarding the purchase of whiteware or stainless steel appliances.


  • Stainless steel is not the problem... It is all the polishes, chemicals and oil-based sprays which are applied to the surface.
  • Some of these chemicals can damage and burn the stainless steel and eat away the decals.
  • No matter how good these products are, they are still applied to a surface which will smear when touched, then build-up forcing the consumer to apply another layer to the surface. Eventually it all must be removed to start again.
  • These products don't remove fingerprints, dirt or dust satisfactorily. The dirt is not taken away, but simply displaced each time a new layer is applied.
  • Stainless steel chemicals dull stainless, making it darker and cold looking when it should be bright and shiny.


  • Chemicals have been around for a long time and the problem remains and has escalated because of the popularity of stainless steel.
  • The most common consumer enquiry is "how do I clean stainless steel?" The Euro-Cloth (after the initial cutback) is becoming more and more accepted as the preferred option for its quality and endurance.
  • It carries a manufacturer's twelve month guarantee and has been proven to last three - four years in domestic use. As well, the Euro-Cloth has the power of word of mouth referrals and commercial endorsements.