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Leading Commercial Microfibre Cloth in the Market

The Euro-Cloth has been an incredible ride for Eurovap Products Ltd. To see this cloth 10 years ago when people would not believe that it cleaned stainless steel, glass and mirrors using only water, today it is endorsed by all the leading Stainless Steel appliance, Plasma, LCD and BBQ manufacturers and sold extensively in New Zealand, Australia and America, is amazing.

The Euro-Cloth over the years has become the leading commercial microfibre cloth in the market due to the quality and performance of the fibre used. An important quality of the Euro-Cloth is that cleaning and wiping are performed in the same movement with the cloth damp which makes it unique compared to other cloths.

The word "microfibre" is used extensively for many cloth products in the market; it is only a word like "automobile". There are many different grades of fibres, weaves and thicknesses and many different processes that define a good quality microfibre cloth.

Euro-Cloth with its many commercial endorsements has proven to be at the top end of products to clean stainless steel and, combined with the Eurovap developed Stainless Steel Cutback Solution to remove the previously applied oil based sprays now allows our customers to clean and enjoy their Stainless Steel appliance the easy way.

Eurovap Products Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company with an operation in Brisbane, Australia to supply all the leading retail stores nationally across both countries.

The manufacturers are so confident in the ability of the cloth they have given it a twelve (12) month warranty for every day use and every day wash.