The BEST of microfibre... the Euro-Cloth!

Since creating the online Euro-Cloth website we have seen an amazing increase in online sales, and talking to the buyers has enforced our belief that the Euro-Cloth is at the top end of the microfibre cloth market in performance and durability compared to other brands.

It is very common for us to hear “I have had the same Euro-Cloth for 5 years plus and now I need another one”.

The Euro-Cloth has been available in New Zealand for over 16 years, and was one of the first in the market to convince people that you only needed cold water to clean stainless steel and other surfaces. It was a bold statement in those days but now look what has happened, all sorts of so called microfiber cloths have invaded the market, some of them may not be that good but they have helped the concept of cleaning with just water to be accepted.

Euro-Cloth is proud of it’s involvement in making this happen. Different cloths will come and go, but a quality product will always stand out and we hope that you the reader will become another owner of a Euro-Cloth, you will be amazed, like the other 100,000 plus owners out there.